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Dr. Melba Pattillo Beals:

award-winning author, educator, lecturer and one of the Little Rock Nine

Former university professor and high school teacher, Dr. Melba Beals provides inspirational messaging on personal equality, diversity and how lessons learned from civil rights history can be applied to life today in 90 minute “video fireside chats.”These chats, which include, a question and answer session are perfect for smaller groups, such as; a meeting of your book club, service organization meetings, corporations, and church groups.

Dr. Beals offers seminars in skills that support self-defense against bullying and self-esteem building.

o One-hour sessions
o 3 session tutorials

To schedule video fireside chat, email for details.

Personal visits to your location: for information on these arrangements please email us at

For a personal call with Melba, please email for details.

Offers to Schools:
Dr. Beals speaks to students from grades six through high school on scheduled video conference calls.

Please contact us at to set up a call for your school.