Today’s Insanity

The definition of an insane person is to continue to do the same thing but expect a different result.

Recent shootings in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are proof positive some of us have come to behave as though we are insane. We expressed our sorrow and regrets, promised to pray for the victims and their families and declared we will take action to control guns. Low and behold. Does that sound familiar? Because, it’s what is needed and expected following all our many recent shootings. Are we as insane as the shooters?

Who’s running our show? Why do we have any faith that there will not be a shooting of those we love; family, friends or colleagues, in the next hour? How do we do business as usual pretending we’ve acted, when in fact we’ve behaved exactly the same.

Who will have to die and when and where for all of us, no matter our party affiliation, to demand action? When will we comprehend that we ourselves must act now – do something or be the next to face the barrel of a gun?

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