Reaction to the First Debate

While a lot of hot air must flow in any debate to define it, the Democrats recent events swirled a bit over the top with 20 accusative participants. There are those who talk from experience and others surmise whatever enables them to prance or strut. Congresswoman Kamala Harris’s finger-pointing at Biden was storm-building for the republicans and informational for some folks shopping for damaging tidbits to trip Biden up. Its always good to talk those were there in person, those who actually experienced history to get the truth of it. Ms. Harris was correct in that Biden objected to the Education Department’s role in instigating bussing. Indeed, that commitment was a first step in bringing about desegregation. At the time those of us, who were veterans of such procedures, were already beginning to question desegregation and separate it from the word and the process of integration. Bussing was necessary for desegregation but ultimately it failed as a tool for establishing integration.

As one of the original Little Rock Nine, the nine teenaged African Americans chosen to make the Brown Act, words into reality, by the years of busing we had already suspected that slamming opposing people together, some against their will, resulted in desegregation but participants didn’t necessarily grow to understand why they were together, or care for each other, want to work together. We now know that integration requires more; projects which involve the energy of the opposing groups but above all else requires the two groups to interact with each other in a way that they come to understand and respect each other even when they don’t like each other.

By the way, every authentic civil rights soldier knows for certain that Biden’s life work on behalf of diversity, justice and equality speaks for itself.

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