Equality is an Inside Job

In this day and time we are compelled more than ever to face those who would usurp our equality and take over or change everything we hold dear – everything this country stands for. The question is what can we do about preserving the gift that our forefathers intended us to share for all time and beyond?

Equality is something that requires us to give it attention each day. First, we must assess ourselves. What are our positive qualities, where are we vulnerable and in what area, do we want growth and maturity? This assessment prepares us to face bullies who would take away any aspect of our personal equality.

Each one of us faces a bully at some time or other. It is up to us to determine how to defend ourselves without engaging with any form of violence. It is up to us to refrain from drowning ourselves in negativity. This task requires us to polish the tools that aide us in this defense.

Looking at our history, there is no doubt that we will emerge victorious. We will overcome. It’s in our genes and our Declaration of Independence.

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